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About us

Directly in the centre of Hluboká nad Vltavou in a beautiful setting of a multipurpose building we are employing 51 people with disability. It's our matter of heart to which we dedicate ourselves since 2017.

In cooperation with our employees with disability and sheltered workshops Madlenka in Písek and Domov Sv. Anežky in Týn nad Vltavou we design and create hobbyhorses JUHI for you, from the design, cut, choice of the fabric to the final product. The hobbyhorses are handmade, one hobbyhorse takes 16 hours to make and 2 people work on it. All of the materials mostly come from the Czech republic. Our production supports Czech manufacturing companies.

Therefore, by buying our hobbyhorses JUHI, you are directly supporting people with disabilities, who wouldn't have a full chance for employment in other work positions.

We also decided to devote part of the money from the hobbyhorses JUHI sale to our endowment fund Bez bariér, that is dedicated to social projects.

Recourse s.r.o. team, social enterprise

  • Every hobbyhorse is sold with halter and bridle, how it is shown in the picture.
  • Hobbyhorses have special nonslip grip.
  • Hobbyhorses are made from very pleasant and high-quality materials.
  • Mane of the hobbyhorses is sufficiently long to adjust, shorten, braid and unbraid as in real horses and ponies.

  • Every hobbyhorse is wrapped up carefully for transport and because we limit the use of plastic materials, every hobbyhorse is wrapped into an original free JUHI backpack.
  • Adult hobbyhorse size M has, unlike the foal, open mouth so it is possible to dress it into bridle or hackamore.
  • Adult hobbyhorse size M is recommended for DRESSAGE because of its beauty, size and sophistication.
  • We recommend using foals for SHOWJUMPING because of their size and weight.

  • All products are Czech made and manufactured by our employees with disabilities.

  • All our products are under lifetime warranty.

Hobbyhorse of your dreams

Do you have your dream hobbyhorse? Send us your ideas and we will create a unique hobbyhorse together according to your wishes. There's no limit to imagination.