My name is Thea. I am a fourth grader and my biggest hobby is horses. Whenever I have a free moment, I am in the stables and I enjoy riding my mare Angie. She's a real hothead, Arabian horse crossbred with Welsh cob, so we never get bored. We do show jumping, train dressage and we go on a ride. Horses are my life, my passion.

I love everything that has to do with horses and at the moment I fell for hobbyhorsing. With girls from the stables, we have our group and when we don't sit in the saddle, we jump with hobbyhorses over obstacles. It's real fun and we always fool around.

When we do the hobbyhorsing, we also care about the hobbyhorse with which we jump. Every one of us wants to have a hobbyhorse according to their real horse and when we started looking around for hobbyhorses, we found out that the available supply is not according to our ideas. What now?

We met with the girls in the club-room and we tried to do our own hobbyhorse designs. Wow, it was great, but who will make our hobbyhorses? After a while we got a brilliant idea. What about my parents? They have a company for people with disabilities and I knew that at least five ladies who work there like knitting, crocheting and sewing. Before we went to my parents, we met the employees of the company in secret and we told them everything about hobbyhorsing and hobbyhorses. Then we showed them our hobbyhorse designs. And what do you think how it went? They completely fell for hobbyhorses and after a week we had our own hobbyhorse prototype. Finally, we made a surprise for my parents, we secretly told the whole company about our plan to make hobbyhorses.

The gentlemen in the company prepared a plan about what we need for hobbyhorse production and the ladies designed other hobbyhorse versions. We couldn't believe what is needed to arrange, check and prepare for making the hobbyhorse. And then came the day D. We presented OUR PLAN to make our own hobbyhorses to my parents. We were all very nervous, I and the girls from the stables probably the most. My parents loved the hobbyhorses and our secret hobbyhorse production plan and I think I don't have to add that they absolutely fell for it too. This all happened a few months ago and I and my friends are very happy that the adults supported us and our dreams came true. So, don't let anyone discourage you, anyone, follow your dreams and you'll see that they will come true.

Thea, Terka, Beri, Klára, Katka, Deny, Pája.

We want to shortly introduce our social enterprise Recourse s.r.o. to all of you who have finished reading about our way to making hobbyhorses in presentation in the words of our beloved daughter Thea and her friends. We employ over 50 people with disability in Hluboka. Apart from making hobbyhorses, we also dedicate ourselves to drones - training of future pilots and also if you want to make a nice drone video, we arrange dispensations for drone shots. We also run a modern monitoring centre - more precisely, our employees dedicate themselves to online distance security for example monitoring buildings or online reception services. This in short about us and our social enterprise Recourse s.r.o. And I can't forget, we also approached nearby sheltered workshops about hobbyhorses production and at the moment we are making hobbyhorses in cooperation with sheltered workshops Madlenka in Písek and Domov Sv. Anežky in Týn nad Vltavou. More at www.madlenkapisek.cz and www.anezka-tyn.cz

Kind regards,

Ivana Jačková, Pavel Černý

Recourse s.r.o., social enterprise Hluboká nad Vltavou